the reigning of the moth

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my first film making attempt, an ode to my guiding spirit. my coven: ella ruth cowperthwaite, nathalie donado, jade gorman, ellie betts, michelle murray, jordan harper. my moth queen: tanita gibbs. dina tsesarsky plays the drowned queen again, and cat lane rescues the deer soul. thank you go jo walton and jess heale for assisting.


  1. you are a incredible human being. i don't think you realise how amazing this film is. wow!
    katie, we all love you xxxx

  2. you are magic, katie! %100 yes to everything nicolette said.

  3. Its really beautiful Katie, I'm so happy to have been a part of it! Well done you!
    Lots of love from Ellie Betts x

  4. haunting photography, i love it

  5. This is absolutely wonderful.

  6. It's magic... I love your art work ♥

  7. Wow, Katie ! Your first film is really good, love the colors ♥ You did a really great job, it even doesn't seem it's your first one ! Congrats ! :)

  8. There was something definitely eerie about this but I found it so moving and beautiful at the same time. Really good for a first film :) I want to see more! :)

    Ashleigh x